Effects Of Globalization In Africa

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Saman Alikhan
Term Paper
December 20, 2016

Part 1: At the moment, there is a lot of hope for the economic development of Africa and its government, its potential for western policy and globalization to promote growth on the continent. Globalization is the rise of political, cultural, and economical ties across international boundaries that way significantly on African countries, especially through the building of nonactive phases among its nations, by bringing down barriers in the areas of business and culture. Globalization has become one of the growing discussions and concerns in economic groups since the mid-1990s, and continues to grow. The amount of problems that continues to grow with globalization in Africa vary but include the unfair practices and the misuse of developing countries, cultural homogenization, and the effects on Africa’s economy and environment. Globalization is a controversial issue, though people and states might argue that it helps decrease global poverty, others argue that it actually increases wealth inequality worldwide. The problem with developing nations and to be exact Africa, is to come up with a policy that helps public order and benefits from globalization. The policies should help get rid of destabilization, and/or marginalization. Globalization has changed states in Africa, and decreased their economic and political independence. Neo-liberal globalization has helped develop the rise of one part of the world while
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