Effects Of Globalization On Culture

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Globalization has more of a negative effect on traditions than a positive effect. Many cultural traditions are extinct because a lot of cultures are modern and revolve their cultural practices off of America’s practices or another culture’s practices. Globalization has a negative effect on cultures and traditions in many ways; globalization causes traditions to disappear, older generations to feel angry, and businesses to fail. Globalization is a positive thing because it causes a bigger bond and better understanding of other cultures. In general, globalization causes more bad than good within different cultures around the world. In specific, Globalization creates a disappearance of traditions in different cultures, and sometimes even a disappearance of the culture itself. In the articles, “Some Japanese Traditions Are on the Decline” by Anthony Faiola, “Fading Lights in Mumbai” by Charukesi Ramadurai, and “Preface to ‘How Does Globalization Affect World Society?’”, they all explain in detail how globalization negatively effects traditions and cultures, whether it be through certain buildings that change or a decline in traditional clothing, or even just culture in general. All of these articles provide good examples to back up this thesis. Specifically, in Faiola’s article, he talks about how the traditional wedding kimono in Japan fades because more wedding dresses in Japan are similar to the western or American dresses. In the “Preface to ‘How Does Globalization Affect
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