Effects Of Gmos On The Environment

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GMOs are genetically modified organisms whose genetic material has been manipulated in laboratories (Paturel, 2014). This creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, and bacterial genes that does not occur in nature or through crossbreeding. GMOs have become part of our life and people are unaware of the effects that’s caused by GMOs. In North America, eighty percent of the food we eat contains GMOs and a plethora of people have no idea of what they are putting into their own bodies. GMOs are not only harmful to the environment we live in but also has detrimental effects on us humans, therefore they should be banned in America. Even though GMOs reduce the cost of certain products, that doesn’t mean it is healthier or better for the consumer. GMOs are silently affecting the consumer’s health and destroying the environment. While the wealthy businessmen in charge of GMOs make a fortune with GMOs, it’s our great nation that is crumbling and suffering. To see the effects that GMOs can have on humans, animal studies were conducted and showed organ damage, immune system disorder, accelerated aging and infertility. There was a groundbreaking study by Dr. Judy Carman about the long-term toxicology study on pigs fed with a mixed GMO diet. Out of the 168 just-weaned pigs, half of the pigs were fed with varieties of GM soy and GM corn (Carman, 2013). The other half were fed an equivalent non- GMO diet. The 168 pigs were recorded until the pigs were slaughtered. Pigs were chosen
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