Effects Of Greenhouse Emissions On The Planet 's Climate

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I. Introductory Paragraph A. An overwhelming amount of evidence points to the fact that mankind’s actions, specifically the emission of greenhouse gasses are having drastic effects on the planet’s climate. B. In America, Industry, in general is responsible for twenty percent of all greenhouse emissions C. However, many people believe that this number can be greatly reduced by implementing cap and trade on carbon emissions. D. Some people believe that cap and trade is the most environmentally and economically sensible approach to controlling greenhouse gas emissions. The "cap" sets a limit on greenhouse emissions that a company can release. This cap is lowered over time to reduce emissions. Then the trade allows companies to trade their emissions. So for example if company A has very low emissions compared to company B who has high emissions. Company A can trade Company B the emissions that they have not used up. This essentially would create a market for emissions while at the same time lowering emissions. This system would allow industry leaders to plan for a future that is sustainable without hurting their profit margin too much and the amount of emissions released could not be monitored. 
 E. Implementing cap and trade would reap many environmental benefits however there is an opposition that would like to resist cap and trade, as they believe it would hinder business.

II. Body Paragraph 1: Environmental Aspects…
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