Effects Of Gun Control

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Is Gun Control an Effective Way to Control the Crime?

Crimes have become violent in the world today. Criminals have been using guns to aid them. In America, the rate at which guns are used by criminals precedes all other countries in the world. There have been many instances of shooting in America, and lots of people have lost their lives in the sad scenes. The most recent massacre in Las Vegas that left a lot of people dead. Such shootings occur in the public how the gunmen target a large group of people. It is perceived that the main plan of such shootings is to have a great revenge on the country from their opposing neighbors. The gunmen, mostly referred to as terrorists by the Americans have been targeting places such as Las Vegas, pulse nightclubs, concertgoers, sandy hook elementary and many more places that attract large crowds of people during the nights. Initially, shootings mostly happened at night when shooters would target certain areas for robbery or hired murders. However, this norm has gradually been done away with as many shootings have started happening during the day (Lott, 2013). Many gunmen believe that during the day, many people are still going on with their daily businesses hence the blow will be huge.

My research is mostly built on the internet, books, and articles. The first perspective is built on the issue of security. When one owes a gun, they have confidence that their security is good. Police will never protect everyone (Kleck,
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