Effects Of Hepcidin On Improvement Of Vo2 Max

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Effects of hepcidin on improvement of VO2 max in athletes
Annemarie Zamora Binderberger
Department of Nutrition Science
Purdue University
205 N Russell Street
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: 765-409-9713
Hepcidin levels peak after exercise in athletes. This is attributable to many inflammatory responses following interleukin-6 elevation. This event can affect iron levels and an onset of anemia. Athletes should ensure that they consume enough dietary iron for hepcidin levels to peak, but not to set them to undergo anemia. Most testing was used to predict VO2 max and hepcidin levels post- exercise. Hepcidin levels peak after aerobic exercise as a protective mechanism to prevent iron toxicity, with this in mind it is important to maintain normal iron levels to have the ability to exercise to an individual’s greatest genetic potential.
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Key words: iron, hepcidin, exercise- induced changes, interleukin-6, anemia, VO2 max
Hepcidin levels increase as a protective mechanism as iron levels become higher than normal after aerobic exercise. As a result athletes should be careful to consume and retain sufficient iron to prevent their bodies to become iron deficient. Athletes spend many hours training and performing sports, as a result their bodies sweat, and undergo hemolysis of erythrocytes. This great stress situation affects their potential for using or maintaining iron levels at their normal
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