Effects Of Holocaust On Holocaust Survivors

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Nov. 13, 2014
Effects on Holocaust Survivors When people hate, destruction is the result of their hatred. The Holocaust was no exception to this. Hitler’s hatred for the Jewish people resulted in the Holocaust. The survivors of the Holocaust were effected in many ways. There were physical, mental, and emotional effects. Everyone who survived the Holocaust has some physical scar that was attached to them. Many of them were severely malnourished and suffering from many illnesses, such as typhoid fever, yellow fever, diarrhea, and typhus. Branding is also another type of physical scar that remains with the survivors forever. They were labeled with numbers so they knew who was who at that time. Some of the survivors were beaten at times. Women have many scars from being forced to have sex with the Nazi soldiers in which, effected them several years later. According to The Scars of the Jewish Holocaust, a woman who remains anonymous went to the hospital about abdominal pain that was getting worse. The doctors found a huge scar on her naval and asked her how she got it and she said, “How do you think I stayed alive? I had a sterilization done by the Nazis, you see? During the war I lived in the whore house and this is how I survived”. Another woman came shortly after and the same thing happened to her (Biderman). While physical scars are bad, mental scars however can be, or sometimes worse with a person going through…

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