Effects Of Hormones And Antibiotics On Animals And Humans

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The Effects of Consuming Hormones and Antibiotics to Animals and Humans Not everyone knows what they are eating on a daily basis. Some believe what they read from the label on a package. While another will go with what a commercial that they heard on the television said. The truth of the matter is that you can not go around believing everything that someone has said. The only way that you can be certain as to what you are eating is if you actually know what has gone into the process of preparing that meal. There are many ways that someone can protect themselves and their family from getting these possibly life threatening illnesses that could harm not just your life, but also a future child that could possibly be consumed later on down the road. Throughout the past couple decades, researches have discovered the causes of consuming of hormones and antibiotics in both animals and humans. Nine out of ten calves in the United States are given hormonal growth stimulators. Some of the reasons why farmers would give their animals hormone growth stimulators and antibiotics would be so the animals would grow faster than they normally would. Since the animals are growing faster, the farmers are making more money. The way that they are making more than what they would be without using hormones and antibiotics is because the animals tend to eat more the longer they are alive. If the animals are getting a boost in their growing process, they will not be consuming as much food,
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