Effects Of Imperialism In Sri Lanka

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Effect Imperialism has on the culture of Sri Lanka
Richard Htet
International School Of Myanmar

Karl Liebknecht’s pronounced Imperialism to be “Like a cyclone…” and visualized it to “spin across the globe… crushing people and sucking their blood like a vampire”, however, he had a cynical view of it and failed to see the positive effects it has. During the years the British Empire colonized Sri Lanka, many ideas and novelties were infused deep into Sri Lanka’s culture. The British left their most celebrated innovations such as cricket the sport, the tea industry, and western education behind.
During Napoleon’s rise to power, most of the world was colonized and claimed by European countries. With the one of the mightiest of navies, Great Britain went head to head against France, with an equally formidable armada, competing for claimed land in ‘exotic’ Asia. Great Britain feared that
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As one of the greatest innovations introduced to Sri Lanka, cricket has a gameplay similar to that of modern baseball. In baseball there are four bases while in cricket there are only two. Another distinction between cricket and baseball is that in baseball the pitcher’s main objective is to get the batter out, whereas, in Cricket the pitcher’s goal is to knock down the wicket placed at the end of each base. The first cricket game ever recorded in Sri Lanka took place in 1892, just a few years after the British arrived. However, the British were not only interested in introducing their sport but also familiarizing the Sri Lankans with it to the point where it has become the most played sport in Sri Lanka currently. The British were successful since cricket has been accepted with no reluctance by Sri Lankans, and is more popular in Sri Lanka today than it is in England. There are cricket leagues in Sri Lanka for both the young, the old, the amateur and the
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