British Colonization Of India

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The other main region of the globe we see the harmful effects of colonization is the Indian subcontinent. By the beginning of the 18th century, British influence in India was primarily limited to a few trading outposts along the coast. During the 1750s, the British began to conquer most of southern India. As time went on, the British conquered all of India, either through direct control or by forcing leaders to become allies with them. In the early days of colonization, the main ruler of India was not the British government but the East India Company who used India was a source of materials that they would trade. Britain later took control of the East India Company and put India under the control of the government. The British …show more content…

The 1935 Government Act of India proposes more governmental reforms and allows for an assembly made up of Indian but it is rejected by Indian nationalists who want dominion status granted to them immediately. Beginning in 1946, the Muslim League begins to advocate for an independent Muslim state, which causes widespread panic. India receives its independence from Great Britain in 1947 but as their last major act the British governors separate India into two new countries: India and Pakistan. Many people are forced to leave their homes in order to get to the new country and refugees become an issue in both countries. Widespread fighting breaks out along the borders as people try to get to the country that corresponds with their religion. The new governments struggle to agree on who will get what parts of the natural resources, military and financial resources along with the regions of Jammu and Kashmir. Great Britain sold Kashmir to a maharajah during the colonial era and as they were withdrawing, gave him the option to going to either country. Most other states sided with religions but Kashmir was ruled by a Hindu yet had a predominantly Muslim population. The maharajah hesitates and is forced to leave the region. He signs over the territory to India and Pakistan sends troops to protect the Muslims in that area. War breaks out and continues for three years until a ceasefire is declared and

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