Effects Of Language In Named For Victoria, Queen Of England

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Effects of Language in “Named for Victoria, Queen of England” In Chinua Achebe’s essay, “Named for Victoria, Queen of England”, Achebe tries to warn society of the impending danger of racism and cultural conflicts. By describing his life events, Achebe demonstrates that the cultural backgrounds between Christians and non-Christians had arisen differences throughout the years. Achebe believes that the two sides bear much significance and, therefore, they should be held together without any tension. This means that Achebe wants to display that both his religion and culture play a significant role in his life, and he doesn’t want their differences to tear him apart. He would like those differences to define him. Chinua’s use of formal language…show more content…
Firstly, Chinua uses formal language, and a high vocabulary to intensify the religious aspects of the essay. Achebe’s description of the people of the Church compared to the Igbo people sets the entire mood of the clashing relationship. Achebe refers to the Igbo’s as “the people of nothing” (Achebe 338). After reading this quote, the readers form an idea that Achebe thought of himself as a superior compared to the people of Igbo, who are seen to be invaluable. He gives the imagery of the sense of pride associated with the Christian whom were called “the association of God” (339) Moreover, this quote displays that there were many cultural differences between the people of Igbo and the Christians since the beginning. Secondly, the author uses an encouraging amount of formal language which sets a trust in the reader, which, therefore, qualifies the author’s intelligence. Words such as “rancour “, “egalitarian”, and “ostentation” (339) suggests that the author is highly educated and implies that he knows what he is talking about. The use of these words affected the understanding of the religious values that are being carried throughout the essay. The jargon in the essay consisted mostly of words that are commonly associated with the Christian religion, such as “pastor and catechist” (338). These words strengthened the religious influence that has been shown throughout the essay, and justifies the importance of the Christian religion compared to
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