Effects Of Leaving The European Union

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Brexit, the effects of leaving the European Union

On June 23rd, 2016, the United Kingdom(UK) voted in a referendum to either stay in the European Union(EU) or leave. The UK voted to leave the EU 52% to 48%. Now this has caused a lot of confusion, what is a referendum? Does the UK leave today? What is the EU? What is a Euro?

First, what is the European Union? The European Economic Committee(EEC) was founded in 1958 by six countries; Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The purpose was to ease tariffs and encourage trading between countries in the hope the when countries that share an economy they will be less likely to go to war. The list of countries expanded to twelve by 1986. The EU can trace its
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Some industries are leaving the UK for lower wage workers in other countries. This also means that goods can come into the country at a lower cost. Freedom of movement also means that people are able to enter the UK, this has lead to some increase in immigration.

Some other points of the exit was the regulation from the EU and membership dues for the EU. The EU regulation is putting an undue burden on UK business, that have to comply with regulations to sell goods and services in Europe. And the membership dues of approximately 350 Million Pounds per week could be spent on internal improvements, the Nation Health System was brought up repeatedly.

Focusing on two of the points freedom of movement and regulations, let’s see how these will be impacted from a Brexit.

Freedom of movement; what does this mean exactly? Citizens from any member EU country are able to cross borders without stopping for customs inspections and are not required to secure a Visa to move to another country. Two major repercussions of this change will be in regards to employment and retiring workers. According to the BBC, about 14 Million EU citizens live in another country. While this represents about 3% of the EU population this will impact real people who have created a life and force them to secure a Visa to stay or move back to their original country. If a citizen has to leave what rights do they have? Some countries
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