Effects Of Legalizing Weed On The Body

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No matter if you have been drinking or using any kind of drugs, your perception is still being distorted and you don’t have a clear understanding of what is going on in your surroundings. The anonymous bloggers of this blog mention the health factors that go with the intake of marijuana. It can be damaging to the brain, you can develop corrupt lung health, and there is a high risk of heart disease and even poor mental health (“19 Primary Pros and Cons of Legalizing Weed”). Along with the negative effects marijuana has on the body, there are also unexpected side effects it can have on the environment.
A huge piece on the negative effects of legalizing weed is what it has done to our environment. I found a site on Newsweek and the article was called, “The Unexpected Side Effects of Legalizing Weed.” Critic Marjorie Haun wrote about the effects that legalizing weed had on a little town called, De Beque. This town is built on oil and gas, agriculture and mining and has suffered a series of economic blows. This was due to, the recession of 2008, the onerous clean air regulations that were handed down by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This drove up the cost of exploration and withdrawal of fossil resources and, most recently, after the drop of the gas prices, which made it impracticable for many oil and gas companies to function in that area. The cannabis tax revenues are appealing in this town because of the hemorrhaging of jobs and oil and gas revenues. Haun is
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