Effects Of Loans On Students By Suzanne Mettler

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Effects of Loans on Students

a. Sabotaging the American Dream
Nowadays, the detriment in higher education has reached alarming levels. According to Suzanne Mettler, a political scientist at Cornell University, while students work hard on the side to be able to afford an education, they receive an inferior education because education has evolved into a caste system that doesn’t give them a chance to succeed. Mettler addresses this topic in her book, “Degrees of Inequality: How the Politics of Higher Education Sabotaged the American Dream.” She analyzes the relationship between money and politics, greed, and misplaced priorities, and how education produces more inequality amongst students from different economic levels (HU, 2015). In a dysfunctional system, something is wrong because eleven countries surpass the United States in the number of students graduating from college. Contrary to the belief that a college degree is not worth, Mettler states that we do need more people obtaining a degree as a means to improve their lives. Unfortunately, the wealthy have more changes at getting an education than the less affluent. The main issues that students face on this endeavor are rising tuition rates, which have gone from 42 percent of the income of a family in 1971 to 114 percent in 2011 (HU, 2015). In addition, Mettler attributes the following factors as the main causes for this problem. First, federal aid has not kept up with tuition rates, the state doesn’t support colleges,

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