Effects Of Long Term Incarceration On Prisoners

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General area of investigation The topic I am exploring is the effects of long-term incarceration on prisoner’s mental and psychological state. Many individuals believe that long- term incarceration and the conditions of prisons have negatively affected inmates psychologically and mentally. It has been discovered that post-traumatic stress disorders and anxiety is shared between those who have been in prison for a long period or those who are adapted to prison life. (Garcia) Incarceration was created to help the prisoners reimburse themselves and learn from their mistake, instead incarceration has the power to corrupt prisoners mentally and can follow the individuals after being released preventing them to live a normal steady life.
The effects of long-term incarceration on prisoners can be viewed as ironic, which is what attracted me to this topic. Irony is defined as a state of events that appear different to what one expects, which illustrates the effects of long-term incarceration. From doing this project, I hope to be more knowledgeable regarding the issues surrounding the effects of long-term incarceration concerning prisoners who have been released. This topic fits in with the course theme, as it views the roles incarcerations plays in our society and its objective.

Primary Research Question
Does long-term incarceration affect a prisoners’ psychological and mental state after being released out of prison or reimburse yourself?
Long-term incarceration was

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