Effects Of Marijuana On The Body

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John Ferreira
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The Effects of Marijuana on the Body
Marijuana is considered in popular culture to be a widely accepted mainstream recreational illegal drug used in the United States; its use comes with severe adverse side effects that are often overlooked. Long-Term use of marijuana 'sis shown to have negative effects on physical, mental, and environmental health. Studies have shown that in the United States, up to 20% of daily marijuana users become dependent (Marijuana and Lung Health) showing a physical or emotional need for the drug. Marijuana use has the potential to affect every aspect of a person 's physical and mental wellbeing negatively. Its use also comes with potentially life-altering risks to one 's future including an individual’s likelihood of obtaining a degree, impacting their future earning potential and decreasing their overall reported life satisfaction. Once dependent on marijuana, people stop caring about their schooling. Long-term use of smoking marijuana can result in the inability to learn, retain information and think critically.
Starting with the physical effects of marijuana abuse, the first and arguably most serious effect of the drug is the damage it causes to the cardiovascular system. After inhaling marijuana, the user is five times more likely to suffer a heart attack. Almost immediately after ingestion, cannabis causes a severe spike in blood pressure and pulse. This change directly increases the…
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