Effects Of Microwave Radiation On Plant Growth

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Effects of Microwave Radiation on Plant Growth
It is a known fact that immense levels of radiation influence not only the ways organisms function, but also the way they grow and live their lives overall. However, when the intensity of radiation is decreased to the point where it is safe to consume foods exposed to it, a question is raised. Can microwave radiation affect the growth and functions of plants? There are many factors that go into the discussion of this question such as "what is radiation" or "how do plants grow to begin with", and with these great questions come great answers. Does microwave radiation really affect plant growth, or is it just another urban legend?
To begin this discussion, the first basic question must be asked: What is radiation? Radiation is energy that comes from a source and travels through space and also has the ability to penetrate various materials. Radiation has been used for many things throughout the course of history such as an alternative energy source and even is even used to make devastating weapons of mass destruction. With all of these uses, one can begin to wonder how the wonder of radiation came about.
Radioactivity 's Discovery
The discovery of radiation initially took place on November 8, 1895 when Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (1845-1923) was conducting studies in his lab at the University of Wurzburg. While conducting an experiment on cathode rays, he noticed a strange fluorescence emanating from a Hittorf-Crookes which he had…
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