Effects Of Modern Technology On Society

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How does Modern Technology affect the way we think/act? Within this essay I plan to discuss and debate my and other’s opinions on the matter of technology and not only how it effects the way we think/act, but whether those effects are positive or negatively impactful. Of course, modern technology has only developed within the last 30 years; with the information age of technology arriving in the 1980’s. So, it hasn’t at all been prevalent in our society for very long at all; not by comparison to other innovative movements such as industrialism. Despite this, I believe modern technology has dramatically affected our thoughts and behaviours as human beings. Gaming is a revolutionary, and large part of modern technology; one that has indisputably changed people, especially in regard to socialisation and problem solving. The common first thought towards gaming is that it has turned many into jobless, socially unequipped recluses. Or even perhaps a violent, and un-empathic person. This of course is a stereotypical architype; though all clichés do have some root of truth. It has been made apparent that men who engage in violent first-person shooter style games are far more likely to feel a lack of empathy towards women, according to an American study. Grand theft Auto, a game in which women are made to be viewed as sexual objects was used in a study containing a large group of teenage boys. This reported significantly lower levels of empathy and sympathy towards an image of a
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