Effects Of Mongolian Westernization

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Chapter 18 Winter Break Assignment
1. Timeline

2. How did the Mongol occupation affect Russian civilization?
The Mongols didn’t affect the base of Russian culture because they left local administration to locals. As the economy evolved to more emphasis on agriculture and peasant labor, the focus on literacy declined.
3. What was the nature of Russian expansion under Ivan III and Ivan IV?
The reign of the Ivan III resulted in the formation of a new political structure that featured a centralized government and became tsar of Russia. The Russian economy flourished during the time of the Ivans due to the lots of new trade routes. During Ivan IV’s time, many Russian nobles were killed so that the throne could be kept for him.
4. What was the impact of Westernization under Peter I?
Peter I had a large impact on Russian westernization in many different aspects. For example, the Russian army became a force in European power politics and was modernized along Western lines. Peter I educated himself on concepts of construction and city planning from Manchester that he was able to hire an army of men to help create Petersburg. Peter I introduced and enforced new social etiquettes, dress codes, and grooming practices to help to blend with modern European culture. Peter I imported new technologies through his life and visited several different countries to hire craftsmen to come to Russia for shipbuilding. Peter built Russia’s first navy.

5. What was the extent of Westernization
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