Effects Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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Fear, fear is what Daniel experienced every second of the Holocaust, fear that he would be killed or tortured. During the Holocaust millions of Jews were killed. They were forced to go to concentration camps where most of them were forced to work. Once they were unable to work they were sent off to the gas chambers. Adolf Hitler was able to convince the Germans that the source of all of their problems was Jews. Adolf Hitler was a motivational speaker people believed him. Causing millions of German to harm Jews. By the time the war was over thousands of people continued to die. Not having the hope to keep living, or that there was anyone in the world that would accept them. Many would still live in fear and never recover from what they have been through. The experiences that have the greatest impact on daniel are when Aunt leah and a young boy are murdered in cold blood, causing him to fear the Nazis.…show more content…
He is stunned by how The officer “casually raise his pistol’(36) and kills Aunt Leah. Daniel wonders how the officer could shoot Leah without showing emotion, casually as if he did this every day. Which he most likely did. Daniel is so impacted that he “doesn't even cry”, He knew that the Nazis didn't like Jews but how could this hatred justify for killing another human. And he wonders how his entire race is beginning to be wiped out, and few people even know. The significance of this of this event how daniel remembers Her. Even though she was strict she loved her children and made the ultimate sacrifice for them, but it was in vain. Daniel will remember her sacrifice and feel sorrow for all the people he has seen
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