Effects Of Obesity In America

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In America more than 35.7% of the population is obese or overweight. (“Overweight and Obesity Statistics”). That is nearly around 78.6 million people in America (‘’Obesity in U.S.’’). Americans are drastically becoming more obese over the years. There are a few americans who practice the habit of physical exercise and many who have a habit of super-sizing. Foods in America are available anywhere and people become overwhelmed when they see food ads. The percentage of our economy who have lower income tend to choose foods that are unhealthy because it's cheaper to afford. This leads to many health problems that people aren't aware of or they choose to disregard it. People who live in lower income neighborhoods maybe not be able to get out…show more content…
Also not being able to pay rent or bills may cause stress which leads to increased eating of foods high in fat and sugar. Physical activity is restricted for lower income families because they don't have the money for children's activities outside of school also schools in these areas may not have the funding to even have a physical education class in the school.Many of these lower-income neighborhoods either don’t have any parks or gyms; However if they do they tend to be unsafe to use due to the area being crime-ridden and unsafe to be outside.(“why poverty…”)On average people should be getting at least two and a half hours of physical activity a week. This helps increase metabolism,decrease body fat, and help you stay fit(“Obesity Prevention….”). Nearly 70% of americans are overweight due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Now americans just eat to eat due to the abundance of food in America. One of the many unhealthy lifestyles is eating while watching tv or playing a video game. Instead of eating healthy and exercising people just become lazy and eat all day. All these unhealthy lifestyles can lead to many life threatening diseases and an unhealthy weight. Being obese can increase the risk for heart disease,diabetes,gallstones, and many more. Obesity can also increase the chance for a heart attack and severe respiratory problems. These are just a few things being obese and having an unhealthy life can do. Technology is the last but biggest component to the
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