Effects Of Obesity On Children 's Children

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Research Paper: Effects of Obesity in Children

“From small fries to BIG MAC’s” America, home of the brave, land of the free and plagued with obesity. For many years this country has fallen victim to obesity and the many effects that it has as a direct result. America has become the fattest nation in the world even though it is more advanced than most countries. We as Americans tend to consume whatever we want whenever we want and this has begun to affect our future. The children of America have fallen victim to ignorance and influence when it comes to obesity. Instead of home cooked meals from parents, these children’s meals are replaced with McDonald’s, Chinese take-out, or worse snacks and candy. The time that used to be spent playing sports with friends and experiencing a sense of happiness will be replaced with the newest NBA 2K video game and emotional despair. Childhood obesity has taken our younger generations by storm. It has weakened our children mentally, physically, and health wise rapidly, and we are seeing an increase of it in recent years, unfortunately. Physically a child is crippled from enjoying a young life; mentally they deteriorate from the constant teasing and stares, so health wise they become closer to death before their time. Although there is a trend of unhealthy practices, if we make solutions to these trends, we can get rid of childhood obesity. With the vast development of technology, we have come to live a society where physical activity is…
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