Effects Of Obesity On Health And Illness

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based on goals of lifestyle changes for the entire family. The goal is to modify the way the family eats, exercises, and plans daily activities. (Rausch et al, 2015). It is imperative to provide direct services to children and their families, education, and counseling to promote healthy lifestyles. Obesity appears to be more prevalent in low-income family sectors of American society regardless of the type of community. Diet is one of the most significant contributors to health and illness. It is widely known and accepted that excessive intake of certain nutrients, or lack of nutrients can adversely affects health. Research mentioned that the importance to be aware of the dietary practices of members of the family with which we are teaching to recognize potential threats to health and to attempt to modify them (Rausch et al, 2015). Lower socioeconomic position shows a stronger bound with obesity and lack of recreational physical activity. The impact on financial status on nutritional intake can directly impact’s individual’s body weight. Poor quality foods choices, lower intake of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole- grain bread, and fiber, and higher sugary drinks, high intake of fried food, eggs, meat, etc. Individual availability to various food options can play a role on overall nutrient intake. It is important to encourage parents to avoid smaller grocery and convenience stores, which are easier to them economically, because they tend to carry less fresh products., low
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