Effects Of Obesity On The Health Field

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Obesity Etiologies

During the last few centuries, humans’ lives have witnessed a lot of development in various fields. As a result, the change in these fields was reflected on the way humans live their life. One of these fields is health field. Health field had been developing at a miraculous rate. Up until recently, Obesity was regarded to be an overweight; nevertheless, American Medical Association deliberated that Obesity is a chronic disease as a consequence of detrimental life style, biological factors, and environmental and psychological factors. The first etiology of obesity is the detrimental lifestyle of the individual. Each individual has his own lifestyle. Some people tend to have a healthy lifestyle and other have a baneful life style. As a result, the baneful lifestyle will induce the establishment of disorders. First, physical exercise inadequacy will induce the accumulation of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Lipids in the Liver which will metabolize these macromolecules into Fats and stores them in the cutaneous layer of the skin in the form of Adipose tissue. Increment of Adipose tissue will contribute in the physical shape deformity. The deformation of the physical shape is known as Obesity i.e. excessive body fat. Second, the unbalanced consumption of foods and unhealthy foods. The unbalanced food diet is one of the most common etiologies of Obesity. To illustrate, many people consume a lot of food that has a high percent of Carbohydrates and
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