Effects Of Obesity On The United States

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Obesity With obesity rates rapidly increase in the last 20 years, who is to blame for the widespread obesity? Many push sole blame on the individual because ultimately a person is responsible for their unhealthy lifestyle, but there are many other contributing factors to be considered. It is true that obesity has gone up because Americans do not exercise enough but many other forces have impacted the obesity rates in the United States such as “gender, race, socioeconomic position and age”(Ailshire & House 1). When drawing conclusions on obesity, even though the individual is mostly accountable for their bodies, some of the causes are not the individuals fault. First race and gender are two things you cannot hold people responsible for because that is a force they cannot control. The media articles fail to include this factor in their argument. Race and gender are important to consider when observing obesity. Based the research that Alishire and House conducted, they concluded that African American females and male were more likely to be obese than Caucasian females and males(Chart 10). Race would play a factor in determining if individuals were more likely to be obese, so it 's not just the fact that Americans don’t exercise. They also concluded that “low-educated and low-income black women experienced the greatest BMI growth while high-educated and high-income white men experienced the least amount of BMI growth”(Ailshire & House 19). Obesity is more than just an
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