Effects Of Obesity On The United States Essay

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According to the CDC, childhood obesity in the United States is at a steady incline and has seen an exponential growth in the past 30 years. (“Childhood Obesity Facts”, 2015). Health implications of obesity This incline has numerous negative effects on the young population of this country. The effects of childhood obesity can be both physical and psychosocial. Many different disorders, diseases and health problems occur in the form of “side effects” to obesity. A major concern outside of physical health is the self-perception problem that is likely occur with children and adolescents that are obese. (Moreno, Johnson-Shelton, & Boles, 2013). Effects of obesity on healthcare costs The costs associated with the treatment of disorders, diseases and other encompassed issues with childhood obesisty escalates in to the billions annually. It can also be noted that a child that is covered by Medicaid is much more likely to be treated for aforementioned issues than one that is covered by a private insurance company. (“Childhood Obesity in the United States”, n.d.). In continuance of evidential facts, parents of obese children on average spend nearly $20,000 more on healthcare than parents of children within a healthy BMI range. (Finkelstein, Graham, & Malhotra, 2014). • Current Affordable Care Act (ACA) policy In the early months of 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed in to law. This law required that restaurants meet at least minimal requirements for food
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