Effects Of Obesity On The United States

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Statement of the Problem Studying at a university is typically associated with students having a greater autonomy over their choices in diet (namely, food preparation and purchasing) and increased sedentary time due to studies. As a result, students face a greater risk of considerable weight gain. Indeed, research studies have found that significant weight gain takes place during university. In addition to decrease in physical activity, students are exposed to consuming commercially prepared food and take-away meals. These factors lead to an increasing number of overweight young adults. Statistically, in the U.S., the age range of biggest increase in obesity is amongst young adults, aged 18-29 years of age (Plotnikoff et al. 45). The University of Arizona is one of the most committed to healthy lifestyle higher institutions in the United States. It is strongly dedicated to the provision of healthy environment to individuals who take part in university activities. However, obesity has been an issue here. A series of discussions conducted in focus groups with the university undergraduates allowed distinguishing obesity as the most pressing health concern among its students. At the same time, it has been proven that universities are appropriate settings to promote healthy lifestyles. Respectively, the University of Arizona has been viewed as having the potential of engaging students in weight loss programs. Analysis and Impact Analysis of the students’
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