Effects Of Occupational Exposure On The Workplace

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Taking up an occupation or work either as a full time worker, part time worker or an industrial trainee within any organization simply implies working under the terms and conditions which that organization imposes. Such includes the human nature, technical nature and environmental impact risks. Workers and trainees in a workplace are both exposed to the unforeseen and sometimes violent events that arise from work situations which may cause cuts/lacerations, burns, fractures/dislocations, contusion, sprains/strains, loss of limb, eyesight or hearing and, in the extreme, of life itself. The type of mishap the workers are exposed to is a function of the potential hazard present in the work environment [3, 4]. Potential hazards due to…show more content…
Occupational training is not limited to the having vocational and professional proficiency and competence in handling tasks obtainable in one’s profession. It is very vital that acquaintance and compliance with the basic safety practices in different job requirements procedure in engineering profession remains the paramount basis in the engineering students’ training. With the fore-knowledge of occupational health and safety challenges in Nigeria based companies [17, 18, 19] and the role that the sector plays in enhancing students’ occupational training, this study was conducted to examine the associated occupational exposure incidents of Nigerian engineering students during their 6-month industrial work experience period. 2. Materials and method This cross-sectional study was conducted among engineering students from two selected Federal Universities in southern (Edo and Ogun states) Nigeria. The population sample for this study comprised of final year undergraduate engineering students of five years engineering studies in the country, who have according to the curriculum duly participated in the SIWES programme. Before the study was conducted, it was ensured that the SIWES programme defence has been conducted in
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