Effects Of On Campus Housing On College Students ' Drinking Behavior

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Effects of on-campus housing on college students’ drinking behavior: A Literature Review Educational scholars have widely researched the effects of on-campus housing on the behavior of college students and one of the behavioral effects is on drinking behavior. Researchers from both the United States and New Zealand have found that students living in residential halls on campus demonstrate the greatest rates for drinking and peer pressure for drinking (Rickwood, et al., 2011.). Leontini, et al. (2015), have found that there are many factors associated with influencing student drinking such as the influence of cultural norms and belief systems, peer group pressure and belonging, etc. in addition to on-campus housing. Wechsler and Jae Eun (2001) also found that the living arrangements of college students have affected their drinking behavior and it associates on-campus housing to heavy alcohol use. In addition to drinking behavior, the effects of the “binge” drinking on the students leads to consequences such as physical injury, high-risk sexual behavior, alcohol overdose etc. All of these studies correlate the idea that if college students live on campus, then they are more inclined to take part in high-risk alcohol consumption. Therefore, understanding the gap in between off-campus living vs. on-campus living is crucial in finding out what encourages students to take part in this type of high-risk drinking behavior and how it varies in between the resident type. Harmful
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