Effects Of Outsourcing On The Economy

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Outsourcing American Jobs Hurt U.S. Economy Globalization is the integration of markets through the cooperation of internalization, federal, and state governments with corporate companies to provide products cheaper. Subsequently, outsourcing is an essential part of this globalization. So really, what is outsourcing? I have interviewed IKEA’s U.S. Deputy Retail Country Manager Rob Olson of his understanding about Outsourcing—Swedish goods. Olson stated that IKEA’s outsourcing utilizes the unique talents of different countries and their labor markets to increase trade which helps better allocate resources in their own countries while getting goods cheaper from others. Evidently, the arguments and the deliberations over outsourcing jobs have…show more content…
On the short run, it probably hurts the economy, but in the long run it will be beneficial to get cheaper products, then other Americans can work at other things economically. In other words, outsourcing has both benefits and down sides to the U.S. economy. By looking at both sides of the outsourcing, there are advantages and, of course, disadvantages on outsourcing jobs. One of the advantages is to lower the product cost. Outsourcing and offshoring began as cost-cutting measures, but companies that create real sustained value routinely use them for far more strategic ends–to gain capabilities that they don’t have in-house, or to strengthen capabilities they do have. We have found that 85% of those winners use capability-sourcing broadly and strategically for everything from developing world-class talent to bringing new products to the market faster and enabling business model innovation. In other words, they have moved way beyond mere cost-cutting (“Outsourcing Can Do Much”). Another advantages, Free up resources for the better uses in the U.S. Beneficially, U.S. talents and experts highly establish rapport on our economic development. Big corporations, protects American experts to dive in and focus on to get the U.S. market faster and boost innovations. It allows companies to focus on their “core competency.” Innovating and inventing new products ahead and above our U.S. competitors in the rapidly…show more content…
economy. Outsourcing leads to the fragmentation and disintegration of the supply chain, inviting new competitors into the industry, and undermining pricing power and profitability. For instance, is feasible only if it can be separated from other supply chain activities: product development, branding, marketing, distribution, and after sales services. Consequently, the more and more activities outsourced, the supply chain turns from a single integrated process performed within the boundaries of traditional corporations to a fragmented process, performed across several independent subcontractors. Another disadvantage, outsourcing’s unintended consequences extent to company relations with another partner—valued customers. Customers may feel betrayed in each and every activity is outsourced. If I hire Home Depot to make certain improvements in my house because they have reputation to reliable services, I would feel betrayed if I get services from a strangers hired by Home Depot. And I will feel even more betrayed if I end up discussing my medical or financial records with overseas strangers. What seems to be trendy and virtually in business strategy is not always a good
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