Effects Of Overcrowding In Prisons

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Overcrowding in prisons is a huge problem that we have in the United States. Overcrowding prisons is not safe for prisoners or the people working in the prison. If prisons stopped being overcrowded it would positively impact the prisoners because they could have a good chance in rehabilitating and the prison staff could keep a better eye on them ensuring safety to everyone in the prison
Being in prison is not fun to begin with and it is not a good situation but, being in an overcrowded prison makes the situation so much worse. Why does it make it so much worse? Well, it makes it so much worse because inmates are going to be stepping on each other’s toes all the time and it will create tension and problems between them. When four inmates are locked up in a cell made for two that is going to create problems. Human beings like their personal space and privacy; inmates are still human beings but people dehumanize them and treat them like garbage when they are inside. That should not be like that even though they broke the law. It also creates a problem with illegal activities because the more inmates a prison has the harder it gets to keep an eye on all of them. They can get away with drugs, weapons, cellphones etc... because there is so many inmates that the correctional officers can not keep up with what they are doing and they can not monitor them correctly. When they do not keep up with them or monitor them correctly it makes it unsafe for everyone. Inmates will start taking advantage of other inmates and will start fights and the correctional officers will miss the fights. Correctional officers should always be on alert with that because all prisoners deserve to be safe. The inmates can also create a riot like they did in season five episode 1 of orange is the new black and the correctional officers are going to have a hard time dealing with that because there are going to be a lot of prisoners to control. A riot puts correctional officers in a very unsafe position. Another problem with prison overcrowding is the lines for food, bathroom, commissary, phone calls etc.… A lot of problems can be caused with long lines everywhere and fights will occur because of it. Other problems of overcrowding are that not
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