Effects Of Overpopulation In Bangladesh

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The inherent conditions of the world makes it difficult to prioritize conflicts and humanitarian aid. In an international community with so many variables, the best method attempts to be the direct response to international crises with timeframe and utilitarian support.
The conditions of the country Bangladesh was already impoverished enough, but with a country smaller than California and a population in the top ten of the world, it is a very precise conundrum that must have a direct response within a short timeframe.
Bangladesh is a country with the living capacity of 1/66th of the size of the United States, but continues to grow in population comparatively to the population size of Russia, the biggest regional space one state has to offer. Overpopulation has had a detrimental impact on the country, but development and globalization seems to pull in Bangladesh’s favor, not increasing poverty as much as it used to pre-tech era. Unfortunately, the brink is here, and international attention is heavily required in the status quo.
Although recognition of peace in the international community is widely acknowledged by honors such as the Nobel Prize for Peace, the prize conflicts with the perceptions of certain individuals due to to conditions of Myanmar at this point in time. The actions of the Nobel Peace
Prize winning Aung San Suu Kyi, the equivalent to a Prime Minister in Myanmar, has created a conundrum where international attention is required in the region. The amount of
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