Effects Of Overpopulation In Hong Kong

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1. Introduction
Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. In this essay, I will investigate the state of overpopulation in Hong Kong and explore its negative effects. I will first consider the perspective of Hong Kong, then compare it to those of its neighbouring cities. I will also explore the impact of overpopulation in local, global, and personal contexts.
2. What are the issues surrounding overpopulation?
Overpopulation can be defined as “the condition of being populated with excessively large numbers”. In general, overpopulation is detrimental to society and environment. It creates problems such as shortage of housings and public facilities, high rents, and pollution. Therefore, slowing down or regulating the growth of population highly important for preventing the aforesaid problems. In the long run, it is evident that overpopulation will further decrease the quality of people’s lives and drain cities of their resources.
3. Overpopulation in the context of Hong Kong
As of 2016, Hong Kong has 7.3 million people within 1,104 square kilometre of land. This is highly disproportionate in comparison to other nearby cities, such as Tokyo that has 8.9 million people within 2,188 square kilometres of land. Due to such lack of space coupled with continuingly growing population, problems
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First, constant traffic congestion means that I always have extra long rides to school, which waste a lot of my time. Moreover, I have had many instances in Tsim Sha Tsui where cars that ignored traffic signs almost ran me over, especially the over-speeding taxis carrying tourists. Second, I am constantly bothered by the increasing air and noise pollution. I have developed a chronic cough ever since arriving in Hong Kong, and my family always complains about the level of noise in the neighbourhood generated by vehicles and
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