Effects Of Overpopulation On The Planet 's Ecosystems

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Advancements in science such as medications and vaccines have caused birth rates to surpass mortality rates resulting in overpopulation. According to Population Paradox, an academic article by Mairi Macleod, an evolutionary biologist,“It took until 1800 for our numbers to reach 1 billion. Now the human population exceeds 7 billion and is set to reach 10 billion by 2085” (Macleod). Overpopulation is having detrimental effects on the planet 's ecosystems, which was discussed in the provided stimulus, The Struggle To Govern The Commons by Thomas Dietz. It stated that “In the absence of effective governance...the environment is in peril from increasing human population, consumption, and deployment of advanced technologies…” (Dietz). After reading this I began to wonder if “advanced technologies” in medicine are connected to population growth and therefore causing overpopulation. After research I found that medicine is accelerating population and that overpopulation is harming earth 's ecosystems, I was inspired to research population control as an effective solution to preventing them from further harm. Coming up with a solution to prevent issues such as ocean degradation, deforestation, and climate change interested me due to my care for animals and ecosystems as a former vegetarian. Although some individuals question the ethical principles of population control, it is a necessary solution to prevent further damage to earth 's vital ecosystems.
Scientific Advancements Effect On…
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