Effects Of Overuse Of Technology On Human Health

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Effects of overuse of Technology on Human Health Technology has become a major part of human activities today. People engage in different activities through the use of technology for communication, traveling, and different devices used in every career. Despite the fact that technology has eased the performance of different tasks, it has a detrimental effect on human health. It has an effect on people across all ages and results in health effects such as depression, obesity, brain tumors, musculoskeletal disorders, and different chronic diseases. The effect of technology on health is widespread. Some technologies result in mild health effects after a short time, and continuous exposure may lead to more detrimental health effects. Exposure to some technology may also have a negative health effect after a short time depending on the intensity of exposure. Radio frequencies could be found in different technologies that are harmful to human’s health at certain points. Electric power lines are common in most places, and wireless devices also increase the availability of radiofrequency (American Academy of Environmental Medicine, 2008). Non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, and radiofrequency result in adverse health effects such as neurological degeneration, reproductive defects, nervous system dysfunction, peptide and protein damage, and kidney damage (American Academy of Environmental Medicine, 2008). One of the most commonly used technology devices is the cell phone.

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