Effects Of Parental Divorce On Children 's Mental Health

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Abstract Every year at least a million children are effected by divorce. Because the family is a developmental integral part of growing-up, parental divorce has shown to have negative short-term as well as long-term effects that often last into adulthood. Studies have highlighted the short and long-term impact, divorce has on children’s mental health. Anxiety, depression, and mental stress has been implicated as some of these far-reaching effects. Children of divorced parents are at increased risk of displaying a variety of behavior concerns compared to children living with happily married parents. Some of these problems include social misconduct, substance abuse, and unsafe sexual practices. Research shows that academic performance is…show more content…
For the child, it can be disastrous. Full of uncertainty and emotional stress as their family is torn apart and their world is turned upside down. Children of all ages deal with this new reality in different ways, and as research shows, there are negative trends associated with divorce and the impact it has on the lives of the children entangled in the process. Three areas of continued study that have a marked effect in the children of divorced parents are mental health, behavior, and school work. Psychosocial development is hindered as the child deals with new stresses and a new lifestyle. As a result of the tremulous time and disruption in parenting, children often display maladjusted behavior problems that can spill over into their academic effort. Ongoing attention of these effects has spurred programs to address the concerns of divorce. Compared with children of married parents, children from divorced families are more likely to show signs of psychological maladjustment, have conduct problems and lower academic achievement, although early intervention and a strong support system can mitigate the impact. It is common understanding that divorce has serious impacts to a child’s mental health. Studies have shown that children who have experienced parental divorce have a higher risk of metal health issues like depression,
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