Effects Of Parental Divorce On Children 's Mental Health

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Every year at least a million children are effected by divorce. Because the family is a developmental integral part of growing-up, parental divorce has shown to have negative short-term as well as long-term effects that often last into adulthood. Studies have highlighted the short and long-term impact, divorce has on children’s mental health. Anxiety, depression, and mental stress has been implicated as some of these far-reaching effects. Children of divorced parents are at increased risk of displaying a variety of behavior concerns compared to children living with happily married parents. Some of these problems include social misconduct, substance abuse, and unsafe sexual practices. Research shows that academic performance is also influenced and can be exacerbated by conditions at home due to parental, financial, and location changes associated with divorce. Recent focus has been on preventive intervention and solutions to identifying those children at higher risk of the negative results of parental divorce. Community support based efforts, functional family relationships along with effective parenting, has shown to aid in reversing the effects of divorce.

The Impact of Divorce on Children
Nearly one million children under the age of eighteen go through the unfortunate experience of parental divorce each year. While divorce is for the most part, voluntary for adults involved, children are at the mercy of this process. For adults, divorce can provide new…
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