Effects Of Parenting Styles

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Parenting styles can be highly impressionable on their children. There are various styles of parenting, and each style can have different effects on the child or adolescent. The four parenting styles that can be implemented in the household are recognized as: authoritarian, neglectful, permissive, and authoritative. All four of these styles carry their own unique characteristics, and have some distinct features. Whichever style a parent decides is best to use for their child can have multiple short and long-term effects, so it is best to look at each style and find the one that works best.  The authoritarian parenting style is the strictest of all parenting styles. This particular…show more content…
The children are left emotionally damaged, and have little trust. Children of neglectful parents may also have a hard time making friends, and having healthy and balanced relationships with others. This style is definitely one to avoid, and can leave the child feeling emotionally abandoned. The permissive style of parenting is rather fascinating. The typical permissive parent tends to be relaxed, and does not require much of the child. A permissive parent is pretty non-confrontational as they attempt to avoid arguments, or any other sort of confrontation. However, there are some pros to this style of parenting. For example, a typical permissive parent can tend to be quite loving towards their child. However, the fact that there are not many rules set in place for the child and the child is free to do as they please. There is a major lack of structure, and the child does not learn concepts of discipline very efficiently. Children require a sense of structure in their environment. Unfortunately, one of the long-term effects of permissive parents can be that children who grew up with permissive parents tend to be more likely to engage in detrimental activities such as underage drinking. Lastly, but not least, the authoritative style of parenting is the best viewed style of parenting out of all four styles. These parents tend to be well balanced, and have healthy expectations of their children. These parents tend to attempt to create the most efficient, and healthiest
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