Effects Of Peer Pressure On Children

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Effects of Peer Pressure on Children/Adolescents
Mary Belcher
Western Kentucky University

Effects of Peer Pressure on Children/Adolescents
Adolescent and/or children are in a stage where learning and experimentations are prevalent. At this stage, these two groups are not expected to have sound judgments or stick to their guts. They are easily swayed by different things, including peer pressure. This paper provides an insight into the influence of peer pressure on children and adolescents. Throughout the paper, an insightful discussion is provided regarding these influences, their variation from individual to individual and their association with children’s and adolescent purchasing behavior. Most of the literature review conducted provides strong evidence that peer pressure has both negative and positive influences on children or teens. Hence, these young individuals’ life can be built or destroyed by peer pressure. As indicated in the body of the paper, peer pressure varies from one person to the other, it is not universal. Finally, some aspects of peer pressure can explain young people’s consumer behaviors.

The urge to become part of a group is natural to all people. Therefore, peer pressure occurs because nobody wants to stay alone. As human beings, we are bound to socialize. Children and adolescents belong to an essential phase of a person’s growth and development. Since these are transition stages towards adulthood,…
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