Effects Of Performance Appraisals On Subordinates

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Effects of Performance Appraisals on Subordinates Piyush Kapoor Midwestern State University HSAD 5103 Assignment-3 To bring innovation and development in today’s economic market, employees’ productive suggestion and active participation are important resources for a health care organization. In order to achieve the goals of the organization, skills of team building plays a crucial role. Bruce Tuckman in 1965 proposed four stages of team development which are: 1. Forming: It is the initial phase, generally new teams learning to work together and identify their purpose and have very little conflict.…show more content…
To produce effective results every individual should help each other as it will give a good understanding of another teammate from value to goal and skills. When confronted with a difficult team employee an administrator with best of abilities will try to improve the situation by listening and understanding the employee. Furthermore, by acquiring a clear strategy as the manager knows every teammate possess certain talents and skills, so they make this individual work together for mutual benefits in the most effective way possible. This will not only reduce conflicts or friction among them but will give them a deeper level of understanding and clarity of vision. The duty of the team leader is to ensure conflict resolution if team members bring in different opinions, situations need to be handled without any ego and in a healthy manner. Another solution to deal with a difficult employee is by job enrichment as it gives the employee a greater sense of responsibility, greater job satisfaction and will increase the commitment to the organization. On the other hand, while dealing with an employee who belongs to a different culture should not be considered as a barrier. Instead, celebrated and knowledge about their cultural etiquette practice could be useful for the organization. Interacting with the employees and treating them fairly by respecting their diversity is the few of the measures that can be taken while working across cultures. Generally,
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