Effects Of Pesticides On Agriculture And Agriculture

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In the USA today, there is a large quantity of food whose prices are quite affordable to many. Agricultural advances in technology are to be acknowledged for the large amounts of food in the country. Progresses in the mechanization of farming for example have brought about improved agricultural output over the recent years (Marian, 2016). Production of food has increased, while overburdening of land has been reduced significantly. A major disadvantage of mechanization nonetheless has been loss of human labor. But this tends to have an effect on a few people since not too many of the country’s population are directly involved in agriculture. This concern has been dwarfed by the recent uneasiness that has been brought about by
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Increased dependence on genetically modified crops as will be discussed shortly, has promoted pesticide usage considerably. Cancer, has been chief among the concerns brought about by use of pesticides. Researchers did an investigation on people who lived 500 meters from where pesticides such as methyl bromide, captan and 8 other organochlorine pesticides were being used. Their chances of developing prostate cancer was very high (Lisa,2012).
The most used pesticide in the world, known as 2,5-dichlorophenol (2,5-DCP) has been tied with obesity. Researchers discovered that some people who had high concentrations of 2,5-DCP in their urine had a higher occurrence of obesity. A growing body of proof suggests that certain pesticides have been linked with a number of other health issues such as neurodevelopmental disorders, reproductive disorders, asthma, birth defects, acute poisonings, Parkinson’s disease and Autism. The use of pesticides has effects from both consumption of food, inhalation and also direct contact.
Steroids and Hormones in our food supply
In the 1950s, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a number of hormone drugs for use in beef cattle and sheep. These hormonal drugs include estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and their artificial versions. Growth hormones such as the steroids are meant to increase the animal’s growth rate while the sex hormones were meant to
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