Effects Of Pesticides On Environment

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My research question is what effects does pesticides have on our environment? There is a correlation between the usage of pesticides and it's impacts on environment. Before talking about the impacts that pesticides have on the environment, I will briefly explain what is are pesticides and why do farmers use them. My overall topic is about how pesticides are effecting our environment. I have divided the impacts of pesticides in five main topics: aquatic life, health, birds, water(contamination), and soil fertility. The first topic will be on aquatic life. After the pesticides are used in agriculture, they runoff into small rivers and ends up entering huge water bodies like seas and oceans. They affect the aquatic life. Fishes and other water organisms face difficulty in breathing and die. This lead to loss of biodiversity in the aquatic ecosystem. I also plan to touch on the disturbance in the food chain. Second one will be on health of organisms. Human health is also affected by the pesticides through the food commodities. When the pesticides are sprayed on the crops, fruits and vegetables absorbed them. When humans eat them they consume pesticides. Consuming pesticides affects the ability to reproduce in humans. Not only human, but other organisms who eat fruits and vegetables are also affected by the pesticides in the same way as humans do. I also plan to discuss about how birds are impacted by the pesticides. Third topic will be on water contamination. The surface
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