Effects Of Pesticides On Heavy Metal Pollution

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Introduction Industrial pollution has been identified as a major problem in Egypt and is addressed under the National Pollution Prevention Program (NIPPP). (Abou Elela, 2002). Fertilizers industry is considered a sub-sector of the chemical industries which is based on the usage of numerous types of chemicals in large quantities. Increase in fertilizer use has become unavoidable to achieve maximum agricultural harvest. For instance, due to increasing population pressure, the use of chemical fertilizers has become essential in increasing crop production efficiency and meets the high needs for agricultural products in countries with a growing population. Waste from fertilizer factories usually ends up in sediments and soils. This waste may disturb the health of soil ecosystems. Soil quality and productivity in these areas have been dramatically reduced. Heavy metals contamination due to the emission of fertilizer industry is significant problem, which leads to negative influence on soil characteristics and limitation of productive and environmental functions (Kassir et al., 2012). A number of field studies have described the reaction of microarthropods on heavy metal pollution (e.g. Bengtsson and Rundgren, 1988; Hågvar and Abrahamsen, 1990; Rabitsch, 1995; Russell and Alberti, 1998). Soil organisms may play an important role in the transfer of metals through the ecosystem in metal-polluted environments (Janssen et al., 1991). The most numerous groups of microarthropods
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