Effects Of Pesticides On The Environment

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My research question is what effect does pesticides have on our environment? There is a causation between the usage of pesticides and the impacts on the environment. Before talking about the impacts that pesticides have on the environment, I will briefly explain what is a pesticide and why do farmers use them. My overall topic for my research paper is about how pesticides are effecting our environment. Pesticides have a huge effect on the aquatic life, human health, birds, water(contamination), and soil fertility. The aquatic life is affected by the pesticides runoff in the smaller rivers then ends up going in the ocean. Those pesticides in the water effect the ability of fishes to survive and this decreases the number of fishes. This is also causing the loss of biodiversity because the pesticides not only effect fishes, but also affecting the other organisms living in the water. Not only the animals living in the water, but also the animals living near the water bodies get negatively impacted because as they drink water from the water bodies they drink the pesticides as well. Human health is also affected by the pesticides through the food commodities. As we eat fruits and vegetables we consume many different pesticides that were sprayed on the plants. The consumption of pesticides directly effect the ability to reproduce or infertility. As the usage of pesticides increases in last couple decades the sperm counts in Western countries have fallen by 55% since 1973. Birds
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