Effects Of Pesticides On The Health Of An Individual

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Although there are given benefits to the use of GMOs for crop production, such as the longer lasting produce, easier farming, and more appealing crops. We also see a negative affect to the ways in which GMOs can affect the health of an individual. The use of pesticides to kill off any insect that would instead be eating the crops, have immune qualities and thus the dosages of these pesticide are being increased more every season. An example of how pesticides are used in farming today is with the growth of corn. Farmers are using GMOs to insecticide the sweet corn that would then kill the insect interacting with the corn in order to keep the production at a high. If they didn’t use these chemicals on the sweet corn, there ability to use…show more content…
GMOs are not being addressed by the federal legislation and the appropriate action towards GMO recognition is failing to occur. This leaves the regulation of food production and the use of GMOs to the general statutory authority of environmental, health, and safety laws. The agencies formally in charge of the GMO food regulation are the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) who deal with environmental health, the Food and Drug administration (FDA) who deal with human health, the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The APHIS in this case authorizes the use of GMOs by a notification process, permitting process, or a determination of non-regulated status. The By the federal government not participating in the decision of whether or not GMOs have negative impacts on someone’s health and or environment, they are ultimately condoning these inadequate food practices. The outcomes from using GMOs in food production show that these toxins in the food affect the nutrients and fibers present, making food less nutritionally beneficial. Although the overall understanding of this issue is low, the belief is that the GMO issue should be concerned with the nature of the food and not the ways in which it was grown. It doesn’t quite stop here though; GMOs also affect the environment and the things that live off of
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