Effects Of Physical Activity On Children 's Health

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Benefits of Physical Activity in Youth Children’s health is something that is very important and people need to become more familiar with how to get their youth healthy and how to keep them healthy. Children need physical activity on a daily basis to stay mentally and physically fit. There are nine primary studies done between sedentary behavior and mental health. Having a high level of sedentary behavior negatively impacts your health. Physical activity has potentially beneficial effects for reduced depression, although evidence is limited (Biddle, S. J. H., and M. Asare). Exercise teaches your body how to respond to stressful situations due to the fact that the body undergoes a strain when you exercise. Physical activity gives a better sense of self. It helps people be healthier and stay healthier throughout their lives. Being physically fit pertains to everyone. To be able to live longer and stay healthier everyone needs to have some sort of physical activity on a daily basis. Children who get more physical activity on a daily basis are healthier not only physically but mentally as well. Early adolescence is a very important time for youth to have a positive experience with physical activity because, they are just beginning to develop long-term physical activity habits (Kropski, Keckley, & Jensen, 2008). There are three main benefits from childhood activity, improving children’s health, biological carry-over effect into adulthood, and a behavioral carry-over effects…
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