Effects Of Plastic Surgery Among Teenagers

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Plastic Surgery amongst Teenagers is on the rise In the year 2015, where here in the United States following the lastest celebrities has become an influence on many teens across the Unites States, what I mean by influence is plastic surgery. You see it everywhere it 's on TV, on billboards, on the radio and all over the magazines. It seems as if everything a well known celebrity does teens want to do also. And what celebrity has gotten done to enhance herself teens often look at this as what they should want or get too. But besides the beauty enhancement you can get from plastic surgery there are many downfalls to surgery that many teens often forget about or don 't know about. What many teens don 't realize are the risks of getting plastic surgery. Plastic surgery cannot fix self-esteem, and a teen 's body is still maturing. In my opinion, I do not agree with teen plastic surgery. The definition of plastic surgery is surgery to remodel, repair, or restore body parts. So are teens ready for that poses risks and that will permanently change their appearance? Plastic surgery can cause blood clots, bleeding and bruising, nerve damage, vomiting and nausea, infections, heart attacks, and sometimes scars. That’s just a brief explanation on the risks and what will happen to you is you choose to have this done to your body. Anytime someone goes under the knife they are at risk…
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