Effects Of Plastic Surgery On The Eye Of The Beholder

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It has been stated that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s also been stated that beauty is only skin deep. While each statement holds valuable substance, perhaps beauty being in the eye of the beholder holds more influence in today’s society. The obsession of physical beauty, according to the media, has plastic surgery on an all time high, and is more popular than ever. While plastic surgery is growing in popularity, it needs to be assessed more carefully. Social media and other factors in the media indirectly capture the attention and rising rate of plastic surgery. In order to understand the full impact on how detrimental plastic surgery really is, it will be necessary to look at the negative impact that it can cause in an individual’s life. The most obvious issue associated with plastic surgery includes the unnecessary risk that many are willing to take despite the serious impact it poses to their physical health. However, the disadvantages of plastic surgery which includes the dangerous risks of it, a desire to be accepted by society, health and psychological factors, and financial burdens are much more than the advantages. Because of issues such as low self-esteem and a desperate need for social acceptance, the demand for plastic surgery remains at a high rate despite all of its associated risks and controversies (Cope, 2007). There are many risks and negative factors surrounding plastic surgery. Beauty is often associated with a textbook…

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