Effects Of Playing Video Games On Children

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I’m here to argue that videogames can be beneficial to people rather than bad. A lot of people (mainly parents) say that videogames have a negative effect on children because they think it causes them to become greatly distracted, violent, socially isolated, addicted, and teaches them the wrong values such as vengeance and aggression. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that playing video games actually impacts your brain in many positive ways. It allows people to improve in following instructions, hand eye coordination, problem solving, multitasking, accuracy, eyesight, concentration, and memory. Playing video games are not bad for people, however, some people may disagree. I’m going to introduce this issue to a hostile audience by telling them about my years of experience. Before I played video games I was not the same person, I use to get distracted a lot in school, which caused me to not remember what was going on in school at the time, not be able to think about many things at once, and not follow instructions. My mentality changed dramatically, because of video games, I have obtained the skills that I have today, such as hand eye coordination, multitasking, problem solving, accuracy, better eyesight, memory and especially concentration. In fact, concentration strengthens neural circuits that can build the brain, meanwhile, in first person shooter games, hand eye coordination allows you to keep track of the exact position of the enemy, the fire
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