Effects Of Pollution On The Environment

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Pollution Affects the Environment
Every day, millions of humans, plants, and animals are affected by pollution. Cancer, disease, and kidney failure are just some of the rapidly increasing effects. Pollution is a growing concern that is gradually changing the way the environment and ecosystem function. With thousands of foreign and natural contaminants being pumped into the environment every day, serious action will need to be taken to reverse the life-threatening effects of pollution. Although, some could argue that pollution is mostly caused by natural chemicals; the number one leading cause of pollution is human activity. With the continued growth of human activity and modern production, pollution has reached its highest levels; causing an increase in environmental and health-related issues. Most people are unaware of the increasing pollution levels in the environment. The main reason is that many overlook the subject since most pollution is not visible. Unfortunately, although pollution is often unseen, it’s effects are very present and highly dangerous. “On average, fifty thousand people die each year due to pollution in America” (Rinkesh). Approximately six million people worldwide will die from pollution each year by 2050 (Rinkesh). That is a large quantity of deaths due to something unseen. Many skeptics believe that pollution is not harmful and the health-related issues are coincidences, but that is not true. Chemicals can be poisonous. We don’t drink chemicals so why would we want to breathe it? Chemical production is the highest it has ever been; causing extreme amounts of contamination and damage (World Wild Life). Pollution cannot continue to be overlooked. The related health and environmental risks are too high and too dangerous. If it keeps going unnoticed, the pollution levels will increase, and the death toll will as well. Pollution levels are getting higher each year (World Wild Life). The biggest reason is that toxic chemicals pour out of cars, chemical plants, and factories every day (World Wild Life). Although many chemicals are not dangerous; most are. In fact, some chemicals can even “travel great distances by air or accumulate in the bodies of animals and humans” (World Wild Life).
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