Effects Of Population Growth On The Environment

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Effects of Population Growth Name of Student Institution affiliation Abstract This paper discusses the topic of humanity population growth. It provides the reader with real and credible information about the current state of overpopulation, its tendencies and projections into the future. More and more problems occur every year and their cause lies in the mankind itself. Since the resources are starting to end, flora and fauna suffer and wars for territories become even fiercer – it becomes obvious that the ecological disaster is coming. Its prevention is the main task for contemporary researchers and scientists. Effects of Population Growth Nowadays humanity accepts its more than huge population as normal, assuming that the overwhelming amount of people, with all their life processes and results of their activities do not harm the ecosystem of our planet. The majority of contemporary people falsely believe that we can continue to increase in our numbers, and that this practice does not affect the environment, flora, fauna and the life of humanity itself. Despite everything seems normal, humanity has already crossed all the borders and limits, presented by our planet. The Earth is not able to sustain such large population of people. According to the data presented by Wordlometers, statistical engine presented by the leading researchers and designers from all over the world, the total amount of people living on Earth is projected to reach 7.325 billion
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